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About our company
The company was found in the 1990. Since then the main activity of the organization is fully focused on performing powder coatings of metal elements. The company is constantly improving the technological process, the production capacity, and last but not least the service to our customers. At present the company is situated in privetly owned property of 1200 square meters with production buildings area of 370 square meters. The gained experience through the long years of working in the industry set the main trends we provide to our customers:



The technology of electrostatic powder coating is both harmless to people and the surrounding environment. Our business philosophy is based on the choice among the different parts of the technological process itself. It is namely environment and human-beings which we take into consideration. This is a basic reason why within the production process there are stages such as chrome-free chemical treatment technology by Henkel, T GIC free products supplied by Tiger Coatings Austria GmbH&Co. and Akzo Nobel,and last but not least facilities by ITWGema.
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